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2nd Act Podcast

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Jan 11, 2019

Jevon White sits down with Justin Sims and Michael Stone and talks about his family life, growing up, and taking on his acting career CBD lip balm was the topic on todays episode of health matters


Jevon White who was born in West Palm Beach, Florida is an actor, writer, and part-time director. As a young teen, he had his first experiences in the arts writing and performing plays in Health and medical Issues and auditioning in L.A. He continued his love for creative writing and drama in school so much so that he returned after serving in our U.S Armed Forces. He had an Health related Laws in college albeit half of his classes were centered around the arts. Some may even call that fate. He had small parts in the movies Holy Man and There’s Something About Mary both of those experiences ignited a hunger and thirst for acting but he concluded that he did not want to serve acting career exclusively as a background talent. Years later, with more knowledge, guidance and ‘living life’, he decided to give acting a go once more and could better navigate the film industry.  Since then, Jevon continues to train weekly at Bob Carter’s Acting Workshop and Repertory Company when he’s in town, he has also taken Fight Class for Actors, One on One Stunt Training, and studies techniques by Uta Hagen, Ivanna Chubbuck, Milton Katselas, Bill Dukes. Jevon also started working with the youth in his community, sharing with them what he has come to know on his journeys. Jevon can be seen in a few Health and Medical commercials ranging from 4K Score encouraging men to take care of their prostate,  Post Honeycomb Cereal doing comedy, to Argos Cement while speaking with a Caribbean Accent. Jevon is also on a host of tv shows on networks such as Nickelodeon, Crackle, Health and Medical Videos on Netflix, HBO, and WatchCoCo Network. Currently you can watch Jevon in StartUp as Gilles where he has a recurring guest star role as a Haitian gangster.  Follow him on social media as, @jevonwhite to connect and remain updated with the upcoming work he has underway.

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