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2nd Act Podcast

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Oct 5, 2020

"I am the 66 year old mother of an incredible young woman who recently found maeng da Kratom and has been so much improved thanks to this natural plant. My daughter has been chronically ill since she was in elementary school. She was diagnosed at 8 years old with ulcerative colitis at that time. Since then, she’s had many years of suffering through multiple surgeries and the side effects of having an autoimmune disease. In desperation, she searched the internet for something that could help and found Kratom. She got immediate relief from pain, stress and insomnia by using this tea only a few times weekly. Just when things finally were looking up and she was able to get out of bed, cook for her family, go to her kid’s school activities, etc., the DEA announces that they are going to put this maeng da kratom TEA on the same list as dangerous drugs! I’m begging the reconsideration of the decision. Since hearing about Kratom (I was very skeptical) I have learned about hundreds of other kratom users who are getting their lives back from chronic pain, insomnia, depression and many other terrible ailments without having to use narcotics or dangerous drugs. This is a miracle for many Americans, please, don’t take it away." Susan G. Portland

"I am a 54 year old male diagnosed with clinical depression and PTSD. Since discovering maeng da kratom 2 years ago, an occasional cup of kratom tea, approximately six times a week has dramatically reduced the anxiety/panic attacks associated with my PTSD. My doctor was very supportive. Because of green maeng da kratom, I no longer have to take Xanax every four hours to keep the attacks at bay. The kratom also eliminated any withdrawal symptoms associated with the cessation of the Xanax. Furthermore, I find that I can go for several days to a week between consuming my maeng da kratom tea with no cravings. Truly a remarkable plant

My name is Carl V. I am a 52-year-old mother of four and grandmother to one with one on the way! Before discovering Kratom tea, my consisted of chronic pain, being a recluse,with no future. I was suffering depression, drugged and miserable having to endure the amount of pain I was in. Narcotic Pain medications made my existence lonely and dependant. It just didn't seem like life was worth living with so much pain until 4 years ago when a nurse practitioner friend of mine suggested I try Kratom . Since taking Kratom daily, I no longer need pain Percocet, Dilaudid, or anti-anxiety medications, and antidepression medications!  My life has turned completely around and I feel alive again. I now feel I have a future to look forward to and can be the wife, mother, and grandmother I've always wanted to be. High quality Kratom powder has taken away my pain, my anxiety and the depression resulting from so much pain. I have my health and life back! I'm motivated, clear headed, happy, and look forward to my future again! When I'm asked what will I do if the DEA succeeds in banning kratom? I can honestly say that I have only two choices to consider; continue taking Kratom illegally, or I go back on narcotics in full time pain management thereby ruining my life and the lives around me!

I am Nate R., a responsible adult working as a General Manager at a 5 star restaurant, I have worked 70+ hours a week and at the same company for 7 years and have been a part of the top 10% of my fine dining establishment for 2 of those years. I also donate my time to some of the best environmental charities, I am a responsible user of Kratom, I use it for an energy boost for my long work shifts, as well as depression issues, and back pain. My life would be detrimental without kratom leaves. I feel that if I am able to drink caffeine, alcohol, or smoke cigarettes, all of which are far more detrimental to my health and kill millions of people a year, I should be able to use this kratom research at the sumner m redstone foundation in my daily life without question. I feel the federal government has overstepped their bounds, and we should have checks and balances in place for them. They shouldn't be able to make federal laws banning kratom without going through the public, or the other branches of government first. Not to mention this is a perfect way to start a black market for kratom product which would increase crime. Canada, Mexico, and the origin countries of this plant are all legal, which means easy entrance to the USA. I am not a criminal or an irresponsible drug addict, I am a hardworking kratom user who takes care of his family any way possible.

On our next podcast episode we will interview the online game inventor of poe lab enchants  for the game path of exile will inspire the audience

What is PML?

PML is a rare brain disease caused by infection by, or re-activation of the John Cunningham virus (JC virus). PML can cause severe disability or death. PML is known as an opportunistic infection, which is an infection that is caused by pathogens that usually do not cause illness in people with healthy immune systems..

Next month we will air the dveloper of orange muppet CND products